All of our workshops are bespoke and can be adapted for your purpose, be it a team-building day at work, a networking event, or for a target group of clients or customers. We can tailor workshops for school groups of any age and differing abilities. We're also happy to deliver workshops at festivals and independent events. Just get in touch for your free quote. 

What you can expect at our workshops:

  • A warm, welcoming space where you can feel comfortable and be yourself
  • Mutual respect and confidentiality 
  • To learn practical skills and tools that can be applied to your work and life immediately 
  • To feel inspired and ready to make real, lasting changes

Read more below about recent workshops and events we have done.



Kicking Competitiveness at Girl Gang Manchester #2: Bridesmaids

This year we celebrated International Women’s Day by being part of Wonder Women Festival 2017 in the shape of Girl Gang Manchester’s second immersive film screening, this time of the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ (last time it was the fabulous ‘Mean Girls’). The event itself, at 53Two, was awe-inspiring, with a giant Eiffel Tower created by Jeni Holt-Wright, wedding cake tasting, and fantastic flowery decorations galore. But, like all of Girl Gang Manchester’s events, there was a more serious side to ‘the wedding of the year’. Women were invited to engage in feminism through a series of workshops on offer, including one entitled ‘You’re your problem but you’re also your solution’, led by Martha Chastney-Smith (who we worked with for the Mean Girls screening) which looked into healthy and unhealthy relationships, and what it means to have true self-worth.  Workshops for Women contributed with our workshop entitled ‘Seeing you look ugly kinda makes me happy’, a shortening of a quote from the film where Annie sees Helen cry and, much to her delight, “look ugly”. The workshop was all about how to kick that competitive streak so common in women thanks to the media and society setting us against each other and…

WI Social Lites

We kicked off the New Year with a workshop for the bustling and thriving WI group in Urmston: the WI Social Sites. With around 80 members (and a waiting list to join) we received a very warm welcome from this glittering bunch of  animated ladies.  Caroline Myers, President of the WI Social Sites, gave us a lovely review: “Allanah lead a great workshop on assertiveness for our members.  She explained the societal and personal barriers to women being assertive, before guiding us through ways to be more assertive.  The workshop was informative and practical and very useful for all our members who range in age from 20 – 70+!” It was such a fun night, we hope we get called back next year! To check out all that the WI Social Lites get up to, visit their website:   

Whalley Range High School

On Wednesday 7th December 2016, Workshops for Women participated in Whalley Range High School’s ‘Deep Learning Day’, speaking to Year 8 girls about resilience, including what it means, why it’s important, and how we can use our strengths to become more resilient. During the workshop, Year 8 girls shared people they knew or looked up to who they felt were resilient. Not surprisingly, family was big on the list, with a total of 80 mentions! Mum got the most of those mentions, with over 33 students listing her as their ‘resilient person’. Not far after family was friends (20 mentions), ‘me’ (16), and teachers (7). Also mentioned were some famous names, the most popular being Nelson Mandela, Hilary Clinton, Adam Saleh, Barrack Obama, and Safia Sheikh. Youtube stars and celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez were also popular. We also asked the girls to share what helps them to be resilient. Support from family and friends was high on the list, as were ‘inspirational people and stories’. ‘Never giving up’, self-belief, confidence, perseverance, and positivity were also seen as essential, as were some more interesting items, such as experiencing failure, faith, food, pets, and seeing results from the…

IMPACT: Led By You

On Thursday 13th October 2016, Cartwheel Arts hosted IMPACT: Led by You, a conference aimed at encouraging collaboration and “demonstrating the benefits of working together to build strong, resilient communities, encourage ownership and enterprise, and empower groups to achieve inspiring aims”. Workshops for Women contributed to the conference with our workshop ‘Self Scene’.   During the session, participants explored creatively and collaboratively the theme of self-image, from how we form and develop our own self-image to how this affects the way we relate to others and form groups within society. It also allowed participants who frequently facilitate sessions to experience a workshop from the participant’s perspective. The group was made up of professionals within mental health and medical sectors, arts, third sector, and voluntary organisations and gave wonderful feedback including this quote from Bella Starling PhD, Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow & Director of Public Programmes, Central Manchester NHS Trust: “I took part in a workshop for women workshop at the IMPACT conference. Allanah was a great facilitator and her workshop was thoughtful, inclusive, creative and fun! I liked it so much, that I asked her to help me run some workshops in my professional area too!”   Thank you Cartwheel for having…

Self-Confidence & Employability

On 24th August 2016 Workshops for Women provided a workshop for the British Red Cross’ at their Oldham Refugee Hub on the topic of ‘Self-Confidence’. The workshop was part of their series on employability and we worked with an all-male group of asylum seekers for an hour, piecing together self-confidence; what it means, why we lack it, and why it’s important to employability. We also looked at how to increase self-confidence in easy, accessibly ways. Feedback from the men was very positive.  As someone who used to work in the refugee sector helping people to build employability skills on a one-to-one level, I cannot stress enough how important self-confidence is to employability, perhaps even more-so than knowing how to write a good CV or application. Self-confidence allows us to ‘sell ourselves’, a practice very common in the 21st century job hunt, but one most people are still uncomfortable with. It also allows us to bounce back from rejection, which is crucial for anyone seeking voluntary work or employment. I myself have given someone a job who had the same skills and qualifications as another candidate, but who also had confidence. Because the candidate was confident, I knew they would be able to…

BOSS NOT BITCH: An Introduction to Assertiveness

On 30th July 2016 Workshops for Women welcomed eleven women to BOSS NOT BITCH: An Introduction to Assertiveness, held at Rise in Manchester. It was a fantastic session and we were so pleased to see such a diverse group of women for the 2-hour workshop. Some even travelled as far as Buxton to take part! Together we explored the ways in which we communicate now, why it’s so difficult to be assertive and the specific challenges women face, and how to better assert ourselves by saying ‘no’ and asking for what we want. There was a real sense of sisterhood in the room, and we were touched by the group’s willingness to share some tough stories and personal experiences. The women who took part gave extremely positive feedback, saying it was a “very relaxing atmosphere. Safe space. No judgement” and the workshop was “incredibly well researched and structured with a great mixture of participatory/ lecture activity”. Our founder Allanah even got some lovely compliments, with participants commenting that she “made us feel comfortable and safe. Lovely environment with great mix of women.” To book your own assertiveness workshop, or to find out about more in the future, sign up to our…